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A fintech company with one of the most innovative bank accounts in Europe. An in depth market research revealed: users are facing serious fear to store big amounts of money within the n26-bank and won’t use it as their main bank account. But this is necessary for the bank to make a long term profit. Fear as the strongest insight does not only sound like it is hard to fight – it actually is. 
Step one: Fight the fear. Make the user a self confident testimonial using the bank account on a daily base
Step two: let them spread the word.
Main goal is to make the user feel „smarter“ with the product – give them a medium to share their new smart experiences and be appreciated for their support by their n26-bank. Unite – be a part of the brand without doubting the product – create social pressure and finally make the user choose one side – to be or not to be … a part of the n26-bank.
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