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Red, silver, black, gold and now a green Coca Cola.
To accomplish a successful market launch without cannibalizing the product range, finding a suitable brand world without leaving the big red circle and always considering, that the press is going to rip the green coke apart if it seems to be promoting the a healthy Coca Cola.


Continue the Coca Cola success story „open happiness“ and combine it with the power of nature (stevia – natural sweetener). Tradition meets a piece of nature. With the help of a highly adored and brand fitting testimonial (brand ambassador) Manuel Neuer (German no 1 goal keeper) it was the first step to gain trust and awareness – in step two supporting nature and environmental projects with high impact guerrilla events to get the message across.  „The nature gives us stevia – we give something back.“


Team member: Christian Lucas Ellwardt, Leonie Weller
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