Fast moving consumer good

About Project



Make UHU superglue as a „fast moving consumer good“ an important item in life.

Why fix it, if I can buy it? The outstanding availability of UHU superglue in stores is not fixing the problem – its causing it. Not having the superglue at home is wasting valuable time while you forget about the broken piece.



Shock – Trust – Support. One of the strongest basic instincts is „protection“. We are afraid of loosing things we love. This fear is the main element of the campaign – activating this fear with emotional print and TV commercials. The online campaign includes shipping emergency superglue boxes to fight the previously activated fear of loosing something.  UHU as a emergency support center levels up the customer care hotline and reaches out to people in serious need – „HOW TO FIX IT?“ Call center, app and homepage are an all in one shelter for those in need. A UHU emergency drone spot gains interest for the new fixing support center.

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