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  • About Me

    Hi I am Marc, 25 years old and I love fireworks.

    Branding makes my heart skip a beat.
    That’s the reason I finished my bachelor degree in brand planning  in Berlin.
    With 6 years of experience I  still aim for new knowledge. Photography is my passion and that’s why I’m gonna take a photo of you, next time we meet.
    Everybody and Everybrand is beautiful – I make it to my personal goal to point that out.

    >Scroll down and find out how I can make your brand beautiful.<


    Let’s ask some friends.

    -Ahoi, some Social Proof ahead.-


    I put words into action.

    Have a closer look at my project portfolio.

    How about some fun facts ?

    Advertising projects in life
    Laughs this month
    Fully written notebooks in life
    Years of advertising experience
    Work experience

    The work experience I made so far

    Planning Intern
    06/2015 – 09/2015

    Jung von Matt is Germany’s most awarded fully independent agency.

    JvM/planning is the agency group’s strategic think tank. The 15-member interdisciplinary team develops unconventional solutions for a wide variety of strategic marketing problems: from brand management to advertising and innovation management.

    During my time with JvM/planning, I developed communication strategies for clients such as Rivella, OBI, Munich Re, NIVEA MEN, Bitburger and Netto. As part of these projects I was responsible for market research and performed various analyses. Specifically, I:

    • Prepared international market overviews
    • Created target group segmentations using ‘best4planning Markt-Media-Studien’ and ‘Facebook Insights Tool’
    • Identified societal and cultural insights through online research and consumer surveys

    Furthermore, I developed a training concept for incoming interns to improve their on-boarding experience and to assist them to get going on the job. Finally, I supported public relations by creating content for the agency’s Instagram account.

    Thanks to my Jung von Matt internship, I gained both skill and confidence to form well-grounded opinions on strategic marketing issues. I demonstrated my ability to perform creative work under rigorous time pressure and learned how structured planning can facilitate outstanding results. Finally, I enjoyed the amazing teamwork at JvM, as my colleagues were among the most inspiring creative folks I ever met, making this internship a truly unique experience.

    Local Marketing Manager
    09/2014 – 11/2014

    Eatfirst is a Rocket Internet Venture from Berlin. They deliver fresh and healthy lunches within 15 minutes.

    As a local marketing manager I built the offline marketing for berlin to start a successfully hard launch in Berlin.

    My main project goal was to plan and run a strategic marketing concept. I implemented important milestones for the company as branding, customer experience, customer loyalty, promotion events, guerilla marketing, sponsoring, staff suggestion management, out-of-home advertising and negotiations with suppliers.

    The project gave me very good insights in the start-up scene and brought me the experience to lead a team, work under high pressure, and manage on-location events.

    Online Marketing Consultant
    03/2014 – 05/2014

    Fotograf.de is the German brand leading online service for thousands of professional photographers to sell their photos to their customers.

    As a freelancing online marketing consultant I supported the new website-relaunch in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and France.

    My focus was on brand core and image analysis, online customer experience, employer branding, product portfolio overview and enhanced recognition with the help of marketing-psychology and design.

    Media Designer
    08/2010 – 06/2013

    Coppenrath & Wiese is Europe’s largest producer of frozen desserts with over 2200 employers.

    I successfully finished my three-year dual training course „apprenticeship“ as a certified media designer with a specialization in concept and a visualization.

    In my main field of work I designed packaging/advertisements/promotional products, organized and performed photoshootings and the digital  retouching. I learned how to write concepts for websites and print products for e.g. corporate design and how to present them to my superiors and colleagues.


    Over three years I developed the capacity to handle projects, being creative on demand and handling successful direct contact with customers.

    09/2009 – 08/2014

    A photo and video production agency I founded with my best friend in high school.

    We worked with small and big companies to achieve the customer’s goals. We shot business portraits, industrial productions and team photos for websites, packaging, and print material.

    With a high-end video equipment we recorded different event documentarycorporate- and educational-films.

    Two friends, one company and more than six years of experience in client acquisition, project management, BA and photo & video production. While working in our agency as a side job, I successfully finished my graphic design degree and started studying marketing. We eventually liquidated the company-project to focus on our future education.


    A dream came true, when I founded a company with my best friend, we worked a lot and hard. The experience and the great companies we worked with, all remain as unforgettable moments.

    JWPro clients

    Great clients bringing great experience


    Two friends, one company and more than six years of experience in client acquisition, project management, BA and photo & video production. A dream came true, when I founded a company with my best friend – we worked a lot and hard. Simultaneously I made my graphic design degree and started studying. We completed the company-project to focus on our education, but the experience and the great companies we worked with, all remain as unforgettable moments.


    Missing a piece in your puzzle?

    Let me help to complete it! I like the idea of working in a team — join forces and make me a part of  it.

    Branding & Concepts

    My Vision is to become a super brand manager. It’s because branding is what makes your company differ from other competition and every company needs it (yes, BA’s may have a different opinion). Over the last six years I made my experience, and I want to learn from the best, to practice best. I like to enhance brands, concept new ideas & strategies and use the power of your team.

    • Headshot & Portraits
    • Event documentation
    • Social Media content
    • Retouching & Post
    • Concept and on-location directing
    2004, I got my first camera — one of the first digital cameras by Kodak with 128 MB memory since that day  — I love to take photos.

    You need professional but quick content for your homepage, social media or print products? Six years of organizing a photoshoot, carrying it out and on-location art directing took me to an expert level. I love photography. And that’s what you’re gonna see in my results.

    Presentation & Pitch
    • Event hosting
    • Elevator Pitch
    • Presentation (Re-)Design
    • Gimmick & Presentation Concept

    The first time I stood on stage was in front of 300 people for a graduation speech – although the principle asked me just one hour before to do it. Since that moment standing in front of 3 or 300 people, makes no difference — I like it. Presenting a new concept to your customer, hosting an event or re-designing a presentation to make it look awesome and memorable. You need somebody to stand on the stage or to make sleepy presentations terrific? I am your man.

    • Social Media Content
    • Event Documentation
    • Behind the Scenes
    • Cutting & Post-Production
    • Company Film
    • Demonstration & Prototype

    Producing only a short movie can already be a pain in the ass. Benefit from my three years of experience in planning, organizing and art directing to get professional looking video content for your company.

    • Facebook Administration & Campaigns
    • Twitter Administration
    • WordPress Administration
    • Blog concept & enhancement
    • Content Strategy
    • Analytics and Reporting

    As a digital native and social media manager of a handful Facebook pages I know how to provide the right content for your customers. I am not a PR-Manager but I know social media is not only about likes. Content is king and it has a  huge potential if it’s used correctly. Let me help you not only to get more likes, but specifically to make your customers become brand ambassadors.

    • innovation workshops
    • exhibition stand planning
    • employer branding
    • snapchat marketing
    • influencer marketing
    • knowledge base management
    • ...

    I look forward working on new projects and learning from others. I want to be part of a great team to put all of my effort in my projects and team.

    I gained all my skills from certified workshops, university, own projects and some of them were even self-taught.

    Let’s join forces and get the best out of now.

    IT skills

    Finding an honest employee isn’t easy!

    To set clear expectations, let me do the first step and show you my hard skills.
    Because knowledge is power, and the tools are essential.

    Microsoft Office

    Excel 43%
    Word 90%
    Powerpoint & Keynote 95%

    Online Tools

    Wordpress 90%
    Mailchimp 65%
    Best 4 Planning 60%
    Trello & Asana 90%

    Adobe Collection

    Adobe Photoshop 90%
    Adobe InDesign 90%
    Adobe Premiere Pro 80%
    Adobe After Effects 40%
    Why me?

    Top reasons to work with me

    The first impression counts – but it’s the last one that remains.


    I am passionate about my work thats why you're gonna get perfect results.

    eager for knowledge

    If I don't know how to do it – I'll learn it, because I want to grow with my projects.

    6 years experience

    Ups and downs — mistakes and success shaped my knowledge.
    Branding, photo & video and presentation skills combined to a perfect all-inclusive package.


    Let's meet and you'll find out.

    A slice of my life


    Let’s talk!

    Interested in my thoughts ? You can phone, skype, mail or send a carrier pigeon.

    You got my number – hit me up some time.

    Call me
    +49 (0)30/346 459 48

    I'm interested in your thoughts. Inbox Me!

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